Master Your Personal Performance with Trek Bike Fitting

Philosophy and Process

Being a cyclist isn't just about the bike, but about creating perfect synergy between rider and machine. Our goal is simple - to make the bike fit the rider.

Trek knows that every rider is unique. Focusing on a rider’s flexibility, biomechanics and training regime ultimately leads to their optimal position. For a rider to perform at maximum potential, their fitting must leave them simultaneously comfortable and in a position that won't cause injury. It must also match their current training regime and allow them to adapt to future goals.

Comfort Equals Speed

Trek has developed a medically sound, physiologically-based fitting protocol that focuses on the individual’s anatomy, flexibility and body usage history. This 10-step process was originally developed to ensure their bike fitting technicians were working at the highest possible standard.

Jeff Lohr has undergone extensive advanced training at Trek under the instruction of a professional bike fitter for over 10 years, as well as medical advisor Dr. Mark Timmerman M.D., Trek’s sports medicine consultant. Winners Edge also offers over 30 years of knowledge and experience in riding and racing.
Whether purchasing a new bike or looking to upgrade your current model, you can trust Winners Edge for a complete bike fitting service to help you reach your full cycling potential. Call us today to discuss your needs and make an appointment.

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